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Часы Quinting – это произведения швейцарского часового искусства, это высокого качества модные часы, предназначены для уверенных в себе, стильных мужчин и женщин. Сайт подчеркивает все преимущества компании и привлекает внимание своей неординарностью и необычным стилем.

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Информация о заказчике
The manufacturing process is a great challenge for the firm, which has had to overcome a number of advanced technical problems. Almost all of the 230 individual parts and 26 sub-assemblies are manufactured specially and exclusively for this little marvel.

The heart of the watch consists of 11 sapphire crystals, which have been specially metallized and treated with an anti-reflection coating to render them virtually transparent. Some of the crystals are moving, others fixed. The moving crystals are in fact transparent wheels, each with a toothed outer rim and a central shaft. Each moving crystal, of which there are six, imparts motion to one of the watch’s six hands.

A highly complicated precision timepiece, made of top-quality materials and handcrafted at the firm’s Saint-Blaise workshop (Neuchâtel), the Quinting chronograph is an electrical-mechanical watch, with four motors located around the outside. The uniqueness of each watch is certified by an individual serial number, engraved on the back and also inside the watch, on the movement itself.

The Quinting firm is one of a small circle of watchmakers producing their own movements. All the parts of the Quinting movement, specially made for the Quinting watch, are assembled at the firm’s St-Blaise factory.

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